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Friday, August 7, 2009


MALAYA: Circa 1948 - 1960:
As remembered between the cobwebs of time. The Communist uprising.

The Malayan Emergency.
The 12 years jungle war fought by the Malayan Security Forces, British, Australian, New Zealand army, British Commonwealth against the communists led by their leader Chin Peng.

Chin Peng. Leader of The Malayan Communist Party.

It started with the assassination of three British estate managers at Sungei Siput, Perak.
This was later followed by the burning of rubber estates, sabotaging of installations, derailment of trains, burning of buses, generating civil unrest all over the country.

Malayan communist soldiers.

The CT (Communist Terrorist) soldier was well used to living in the jungle. ... Food and other supplies came from the jungle gardens of the fringe squatters and surrounding kampongs (villages).
He had jungle workshops to repair his weapons and equipment, jungle hospitals for first aid treatment, a network of agents and sympathisers in village, town and city, and a cowed rural population to coerce for food, money, information and sanctuary.

is discipline, fieldcraft, navigation and minor tactics were good and his weapon handling adequate. He relied on surprise in ‘hit and run’ tactics such as the ambush and, (initially) could be ruthlessly cruel in murdering, mutilating or kidnapping people of influence and their families - village headmen, teachers, local government officials.

Most guerrillas were Chinese, though there were some Malays, Indonesians and Indians. (Chin Peng, now 80, his Malay wife, his comrades-in-arms Abdullah CD, Rashid Maidin are today living in Southern Thailand).

Chin Peng adalah salah satu contoh kenapa cina takleh bermaharajalela di bumi MELAYA ni. Dari dulu lagi depa nak Melaya sebab Melaya menjamin kehidupan yang mewah. Aura dan fahaman Chin Peng ini masih tersemat rapi di dalam darah Bangsa ini. Dan di manakan MELAYU dengan darah Hang Tuah nya....
TAKKAN MELAYU HILANG DI DUNIA...itu pasti...tapi tak ada gunanya MELAYU hanya pada nama!

Kata2 P RAMLEE dalam Sarjan Hassan

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